Predavanje: Recent progress in equipment for single crystal X-ray structure analysis

Pozivamo vas na predavanje o napretku i novim mogućnostima rendgenske strukturne analize koje će Prof. Wojciech M. Wolf održati u četvrtak 25. aprila u 13 sati u učionici 14 na V spratu Departmana za hemiju, biohemiju i zaštitu životne sredine.

Recent progress in equipment for single crystal X-ray structure analysis

Wojciech M. Wolf

Institute of General and Ecological Chemistry,

Technical University of Łódź,

ul. Żeromskiego 116, 90-924 Łódź, Poland


Crystals and crystallography. X-rays and X-ray sources. Standard sealed tubes. Rotating anodes. X-ray optics. Micro-focus tubes. Synchrotrons as X-ray sources – radiation characteristics with the special attention paid to proper understanding differences between bending magnets and insertion devices. Lorentz and polarization effects. Absorption and anomalous scattering. Absolute configuration. Synchrotron impact on the revolution in molecular biology. Detecting the X-rays over the years, from the single point to two-dimensional detectors. Imaging plates and charge couple devices. Reduction of the X-ray data. Lehmann-Larsen approach. Profile fitting. Differences between two and three dimensional modes of the reflection intensity integration. The data scaling and merging. The special treatment of weak reflection. What shell we do with reflections with negative intensity, are they meaningful? The lecture will be illustrated with examples mostly selected from the author’s portfolio of X-ray structures.